Tuesday, January 12, 2016
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I've noticed that I tend to really stick to my ways when it comes to foundation. I find one that I see as flattering and don't bother thinking that there could be something even better out there for me. I've recently decided to try to broaden my foundation horizons and step out of my Tarte Amazonian Clay box. There's a good list of foundations that I'd like to try out, but I decided to start with Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Super-Charged Oil-Free Foundation.

I've got normal-dry combination skin, and my skin tends to have dry spots during the colder seasons. Because of this, I really wanted to try out a foundation with a more natural and hydrating finish. One of the very first that came to mind was this Genius Gel. To quote part of the description on the Sephora website—"(Marc Jacobs Genius Gel) awakens your skin to it's ideal radiance and clarity." Some other selling points for this foundation are as follows: natural to full coverage, weightless, natural, minimizes imperfections, doesn't crease, long-wearing, anti-aging, buildable, and hydrating. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Not to mention it's almost a $50 foundation, so it better do fabulous things for your face.

Despite how much I wanted to love this foundation, I experienced extreme disappointment. Although for the first couple of wears I really did enjoy it. It seemed to fit it's description perfectly. My face felt like natural skin no matter how much I may have built up the product, I seemed to have a natural radiant glow, and the finish was simply beautiful. However, after the third wear or so everything went down hill completely.

To start, although slightly buildable, saying that it can be made into a full coverage is a large stretch. I don't think it would matter how much time I spent layering this foundation on, it would never be "full coverage". Which is totally fine, coverage wasn't my reasoning for buying this after all. As much as I'm currently loving a dewy finish, I noticed this foundation beginning to go beyond that dewy point into looking oily. It seemed as if no setting powder or spray could fix that. Although it feels weightless, it most certainly doesn't look weightless. This foundation seemed to make every bit of peach fuzz on my face painfully visible. I guess I could be one of those girls to take the time to shave the peach fuzz off, but let's be honest, why spend the time doing that when I could find another product that doesn't make me look like a furry creature? As for "long-wearing", that is most certainly not the case. Within a few hours I'd notice parts of this just fading away. It also seemed to separate in areas, which isn't something I'm used to in foundations. Not to mention, this Genius Gel transfers like no other. Finally, let's touch on this "minimizes imperfections" claim. I don't have bad skin or anything, but it became quite evident that this foundation wanted to over-exaggerate and emphazise imperfections, and possibly even add some new ones. Pores became more evident, discoloration shined through strong, it stuck to dry patches and to top it off I believe this caused me to have bumps and textures on my face that weren't there in the first place.

In the picture I've taken displaying the side of my face, you can clearly see many of the problems I just addressed. As I said, I don't have bad skin at all, as a matter of fact I have pretty decent or maybe even pretty nice skin. I've never seen my skin and face look as bad as I did with this foundation. Not to mention, it caused my blushes, bronzers, and highlighters to apply patchy and uneven so that's an obvious no-go.
I'm not saying that this foundation couldn't possibly be fantastic for someone, but this one is a "bitch, no" from me.

Where this is sold: Sephora and Marc Jacobs stores

Overall rating: 1/5

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