Wednesday, March 9, 2016
REVIEW & FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation Posted at 10:12 PM 0 comments (+)
I truly never thought there'd come a day where I'd be more disappointed in a foundation than I was with the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel, let alone a foundation by one of my favorite makeup brands.

Ever since I heard about the Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation, my hopes have been high. Becca being one of my favorite brands and just look at that name. "Aqua Luminous Perfecting"? It sounds like perfection in a bottle. It sounds like everything I could ever ask for. It sounds like something only found in dreams. Today I realized that something that good really can only happen in a dream, and this foundation was just too good to be true.

This retails for $44 and although a little pricey, it's not much higher than the average cost of high end foundation so I can't be mad at it for that. However, for that price I expect you to do something good. I only picked up some samples on my way out of work, but the bottle for this foundation is really interesting. It's very sleek and has that classic Becca look, it's comparable to the Backlight Primer and their Shimmer Skin Perfector Liquid. It uses this push button top, where you twist once for the button to reveal it's self, press the button to pick up product into the dropper, then twist again to remove the top and use the dropper to dispense product. As I said, interesting bottle, but I'm intrigued by it enough that I wouldn't mind having that method of application on other foundations from other brands. 

I wish I could say I have a list of pros and cons to go through, but truth be told there's very few pros. As a matter of fact it doesn't even take a full hand of fingers for me to list them off. The best thing about this foundation is the finish in general. It's truly luminous and I think that type of finish is so attractive and flattering. It makes you look healthy—it's that "pregnant glow" without the pregnancy. It makes you look like you're full of life. The next good thing I have to say about this product is that I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage. I was expecting this to have a much more sheer coverage to it, but it ended up being a very good light coverage. It's also pretty buildable. I'd say getting a medium coverage out of it is pushing it but you could definitely work your way to light-medium if you so desire.

Now let's go down this hefty list of cons. I have so many complaints that I don't know where to start.
Right off the bat I noticed that it was applying really patchy but it wasn't just that. It appeared to be sticking to "dry spots" or "dry patches" on my face and made it look as though I had a lot more deadskin that I thought, considering I just got done exfoliating and moisturizing. I actually ended up
removing the makeup and exfoliating once more and making sure to moisturize really well before re-applying the foundation. Unfortunately, it didn't help the situation at all. It appeared as though my face was one huge dry patch, and it just so happened to be worse in certain areas such as my nose, around my mouth, my chin, my forehead, etc. I am someone that deals with dry skin, but I'm not sure what this foundation was doing to me. As I said in the beginning, this foundation was worlds worse for me than the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel (and my disappointment towards that product was too real.)

I'm not an oil person by any means. As I've already stated, I do have dry skin. But I noticed my face looking shinier and shinier as the day went by and it started to feel shiny to the touch. It is a very light feeling foundation but once it starts getting that "oily" appearance to it, you can feel it getting heavier. It's a strange sensation. And it's really upsetting to see a beautiful luminous finish transform into full blown oily mess, especially when you've got dry skin and were never expecting that. I can only imagine how this would look on someone with normally oily skin.

The weirdest thing I experienced with this foundation is it rolling off—yes, rolling off. I happened to touch my chin/neck (I touch my face a lot, I know I shouldn't but what's a girl to do?) and it felt like there was a silicone film on my face. Both primers I use are water based, as well as this foundation. All products I use are water based as a matter of fact, or powder, so there was no logical reasoning behind this and I assumed there was something strange on my face so I rubbed lightly. Sure enough, it was the foundation. Not being sure if it was just that weird spot, I tested it out by rubbing lightly on different areas around my jaw and the same thing happened each time. It rolled right off into little pieces. It's the strangest and grossest thing a foundation has done on my face and I still can't think of any reason as to why this might've happened.

Obviously, my final verdict is a big "NO" to this foundation. Becca, I never thought you'd disappoint me like this. I really wish they could go back and reformulate this because the finish is absolutely stunning.

Overall rating: 1/5

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